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Tuesday, September 21, 2021
With a direct link to eating disorders, a lot of people feel anxious when faced with food. But can a vegan diet have any effect on this? Trigger warning: This...


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Lauren Lovatt: ‘Plant Academy is about inspiring passion through plants’

What can Lauren Lovatt not do? A chef, entrepreneur and now author, she reveals the success of being a full-time vegan. “This is a vision of the future, we are...

Miso: the flavour bomb ingredient your vegan cooking is missing

Miso adds an addictive, salty savouriness to anything it touches. Here’s how to use it in your vegan cooking to transform your meals. Though miso...

Vegan Italian: how to veganise classic pasta recipes

You don’t need to give up your favourite Italian meals when you go vegan — instead, veganise classic pasta dishes with these simple tips. Going...

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How to reduce your individual carbon footprint

Find your individual greenhouse gas emissions and how you can reduce your carbon footprint to do your part to conserve the planet. Among the major...

How to deal with bugs without killing them as vegans

A zoologist explains how he deals with unwelcomed bugs and creepy crawlies from the perspective of an ethical vegan. Nature has an inbuilt “social distancing”...

How many types of vegans are there?

Ethical Vegan author Jordi Casamitjana defines the different types of vegans he found while researching for the chapter, ‘The Anthropology of the Vegan Kind’. Because...


The vegan case against ‘plant-based’

Is there a battle between veganism and plant-based-ism? If so, Jordi Casamitjana, author of Ethical Vegan, presents his case for the vegan side. I am...

Art to heal: meet the vegan artists hoping to change the world

These incredible vegan artists are attempting to change hearts and minds through their powerful creations about animal rights. I must first come clean, I studied...

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