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Saturday, February 27, 2021
While popcorn is one of the UK’s favourite party snacks, it is often regarded as a calorie-empty food. But Karma Bites popped lotus seeds are nutrient-packed, and hit the...


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ProVeg and Beyond Animal team up for a plant-based investment conference

New Food Invest is an investment conference bringing together plant- and cell-based startups, investors and key stakeholders. Food awareness organisation ProVeg and investment networking platform...

Scotland to add plant-based milk to free nursery milk scheme

The new Scottish Milk and Healthy Snack will see funding for fortified plant-based milk provided to childcare providers from August. Scotland's government has agreed to...

Oatly confidentially files for IPO in the US

The oat milk giant announced yesterday that the brand had confidentially filed for an IPO with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Oatly has filed...

Exclusive: Free4DairyFree is rallying to end the non-dairy surcharge in coffee shops

Coffee shops — both independents and chains — have largely been charging extra for plant-based milk, and Free4DairyFree hopes to end that. This week, Free4DairyFree...


Goonj’s Vaapsi: restoring India’s rural economy by promoting green living

Amid a global pandemic, Indian NGO Goonj is helping the rural and vulnerable communities of India earn a green and sustainable livelihood. The coronavirus pandemic’s...

Veg biryani is totally a thing if you want it to be

A Delhi-based food traveller shares his experiences sampling cultural variations of rice dishes to help understand the whole 'veg biryani is pulao' debacle. A pedant...


Karma Bites popped lotus seeds review: popcorn’s healthier older sister

While popcorn is one of the UK’s favourite party snacks, it is often regarded as a calorie-empty food. But Karma Bites popped lotus seeds are nutrient-packed, and hit the...

How Pastan blends fresh vegan pasta with international cuisines

Vegan pasta company Pastan launched in London in November 2020. From its charcoal-based ravioli and turmeric-infused gnocchi to its pea and shallot tortelloni, it’s...

Booja-Booja Easter Truffles review: vegan chocolate truffles to die for

We tried Booja-Booja's new Easter Edition vegan chocolate truffles and reviewed all the five flavours. Here's what we thought. Booja-Booja has released an Easter Edition...

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The importance of community as a vegan

Veganism can be a lonely place sometimes. Aaron Frid, founder of The Vegan Switch, is developing a space for people to transition safely and...

The farmer who irrigates his crops with salty water

Traditional saline agriculture is in decline. Agricultural designer Rafael Monge explains why he's reviving the sustainable technique. If you have had a plant, you probably...

Gjenge Makers: Recycling Kenya’s plastic waste into construction bricks

Kenya-based Gjenge Makers founder Nzambi Matee talks about recycling plastic waste and the alternative construction products sector. The harmful effects of excessive carbon emissions on...


Are Holocaust comparisons doing more harm than good to veganism?

Jewish vegans are asking animal rights activists to stop using Holocaust comparisons after commentary by James Aspey sparks criticism. Holocaust analogies within the vegan community...

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