Friday, March 31, 2023
Today's plant-based food market is worth over 10 billion USD and is expected to reach 34 billion within the next 5 years. A new survey conducted by Medical Inspiration...

Tortilla Launches Loyalty Campaign for Veganuary + New Vegan Chipotle Mayo

Tortilla launches new loyalty club campaign and vegan chipotle mayo to its already impressive plant-based offering for Veganuary 2023.  The loyalty club campaign titled ‘Twenty-Twenty-Free’...

Wards Hotel, The First ‘Vegan-Friendly’ Certified Hotel in The UK

International non-profit organisation, Vegan Friendly widely known for certifying restaurants and products has now certified its first hotel in the UK.  The family-run Wards Hotel...

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Our Favourite Plant-Based, Fine Dining Restaurants

Typically, when reading restaurant recommendations, the usual plant-based suggestions are based around a more casual dining option - the junk food you often crave...


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