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Top 3 cost-effective vegan-friendly holiday destinations

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Booking a getaway is always fraught with cost concerns. When you add in trying to ensure a vegan-friendly holiday destination as well, that’s when things can get even more complicated, but they don’t have to.

Here are our Top 3 recommendations for vegan-friendly holidays that won’t cost you a fortune.


Greece has always been seen as a paradise, not only for the gorgeous landscapes and beaches but also for its cuisine. Many of the traditional dishes are vegan, including Horiatiki — the typical greek salad made with lettuce, onions, cucumber, olives and tomatoes. Usually, customers can ask to have it without feta cheese or to have it changed to tofu. 

In Greece especially, people who practice orthodox faiths follow a vegan diet during Lent, so it is quite easy to find vegan food year-round. Locally produced fruits and vegetables are usually the basis for seasonal restaurant menus, so negating the animal protein additions is rarely a problem.


A tour through the most breathtaking landscapes of the south of France is not only an amazing journey, it can be also a sustainable and vegan-friendly holiday to remember. Menton or Avignon are just an example of the beauty hidden in this place. For a wider tour you could rent a car and explore the area but spend less and focus on sustainable transport by renting a bike and stayng a little more local.

Vegan eating is — surprisingly — quite easy as most of the local restaurants already have vegan options and if not, they adjust the meals to customer preferences with all the ease that you’d expect French chefs to. There is a charming sense of accommodation.

Local markets are also a great way to eat healthily and spend just a few euros for a good lunch: olives, vegetables, seeds and bread are usually sold in abundance and won’t diminish your spending money much. The most famous one? Les Halles in Avignon. 

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is one of the most historical cities in the north of Europe. It is very easy to get around both by walking or renting out a bike. Despite being one of the most visited capitals of Europe, it is not expensive compared to other major cities, such as Barcelona. In fact, flights, public transport and hotels are very affordable. Eating vegan is also very easy as Berlin has more than 60 vegan restaurants, including Yoyo Foodworld that serves amazing vegan junk food. 

Seeing t world with your ethics intact has never been easier or more affordable.

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