Friday, September 22, 2023

5 Vegan-friendly boutique hotels around the world

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Vegan-friendly boutique hotels have become more popular and can make your next holiday less stressful. Here are some hotels where everything from food to room decor is already prepared with your values in mind.

1. La Vimea – Vegan Hotel (pictured)

La Vimea is the first vegan hotel in Italy and prides itself with the same principles as its sister hotel I Pini – it is a 100% plant-based experience and promotes sustainability through organic farming.

In fact, the hotel hosts a vegan restaurant. That caters to both those who prefer cooked food and those who prefer raw.

Hiking, biking, and jogging – this hotel provides activities for all those who stay as it surrounds by nature parks and mountains. Moreover, the hotel also emphasizes there is no time schedule. However, the stayers are welcome to do nothing. Just simply immerse yourself in the “peace, tranquillity and wellness” provided by the hotel’s services like yoga, meditation, forest bathing, pools, and a hot stone lounge. 

2. I Pini – Vegan Agrivilla 

Tucked away on a small hill in Tuscany, I Pini is a boutique vegan hotel with sustainable and healthy living materials; from soap to handwoven linen in their rooms, it is 100% plastic-free.

The hotel is home to a healthy plant-based restaurant which includes in the price of your stay or if you aren’t staying, is still available for a visit between April and October.

Moreover, the hotel also holds a terrace, pool, and events. In fact, the founders say “time here stops. Get back in touch with your soul and your inner self”.

3. Five Elements – Retreat

Five Elements is located in Bali and inspired by Balinese culture. In fact this award-winning hotel provides a holistic environment and invites all to begin a new healing journey. Through retreats ranging from detox to culinary retreats, Five Elements aims to bring “regeneration, replenishment & alignment” to all those who stay. As for the cuisine, the hotel features an award-winning ‘Sakti Dining Room’ located between tropical ponds and gardens and provides a luxurious plant-based cuisine. 

4. Casa Albets – Organic & Vegan Luxury 

Settled in Lladurs, Spain, Casa Albets is now a four-star vegan hotel surround by nature and has a rustic style. To make the most of these surroundings, Casa Albets offers Wellness services that encourage its stayers to get active with yoga, relax with some pilates, and explore the environment with its available rental bikes. Moreover, The hotel’s restaurant proudly uses no products originating from animals and aims to provide a well-balanced cuisine made with local ingredients.

5. Almodóvar Hotel

Located in the heart of Berlin, Almodóvar advocates ethical values and modern design. Its rooms designed to provide enough space to do morning yoga. Similarly, the spa is located on the rooftops to give you the ultimate relaxation. Moreover, Conference rooms are available for those who need it. The hotel’s restaurant also serves its own version of the popular Berlin cuisine – organic vegan versions of curried sausages. And scrambled eggs are available to provide those who stay here with an authentic experience.

Visiting vegan-friendly boutique hotels are a bucket-list item for travl fanatics with plant-based ethics.


Gozde Elidemir 
Gözde picked up Journalism as a hobby but after realising how much she learns through Journalism, she has taken up more opportunities. She is currently a Journalist at Lawbore as well as The Vegan Review and enjoys how these two very different topics take her to two different parts of the same world. While she enjoys having a busy schedule, she balances this well with some down time - aside from work, Gözde enjoys delving into video games and new beauty and self-care findings.