Sunday, October 1, 2023

5 Vegan-friendly fashion brands to upgrade your wardrobe

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The fashion industry is a crucial part of veganism – we shouldn’t forget about how many
animals are harmed in the making of clothing. Now, there are many more options shifting
towards being more vegan-friendly fashion brands and even many brands who vow to be completely cruelty-free. With many options and affordable prices, it’s now much easier to find ethical, vegan retailers creating fashion with a sustainable future in mind – read on for a selection of retailers to get you started.

  1. Delicious California 

Delicious California is an online vegan-friendly fashion brand which combines the California style with its core ethics. Its products are made from 100% recycled materials and they’ve got the Earth Positive stamp to prove it. Their clothing ranges from surfer t shirts and hoodies to bracelets and accessories which are made for men, women and children. With free shipping to the U.K. and free returns, this makes Delicious California a convenient (and affordable) option for some vegan clothing with cool hand-drawn designs inspired by graphic art.  

  1. Dedicated

Dedicated prides themselves with bringing unique and diverse collections to the sustainable fashion market for men, women and kids. Johan Graffner, the founder of Dedicated says “we bring flavour to sustainable fashion. Low impact, high standards. that’s our promise”. Ranging from casual t shirts, formal shirts to underwear, Dedicated uses sustainable materials like recycled polyester and organic cotton to create its products. Also, a tree is planted for every individual who signs up for their newsletter. 

  1. Brown Boy

Brown Boy creates 100% organic, hand-printed and PETA approved vegan-friendly fashion brand collections for men. They provide affordable everyday t shirts alongside some printed and striped options. These limited options are due to the core values of Brown Boy – to avoid overproducing and to avoid overwhelming their customers. All clothing claims to be ethically sourced and Freestate Life says Brown Boy “values every step of the production” as all pieces are created in-house at their studio. 

  1. Bleed Clothing

Bleed aims to prove that sustainable consumers are possible. Their products areproduced fairly and without animal suffering” for both men and women who live a sporty lifestyle. All options on their website including their organic jeans and thermal coats are made from 100% recycled materials and uphold their innovative, high quality standards. Their shipping methods are also sustainable – with no plastic waste in the package and a climate neutral shipping option with DHL, Bleed Clothing operates “ecologically and fairly”.

  1. Bohema Clothing

Bohema specialises in creating sophisticated vegan footwear – they are the first brand to create unique products such as shoes made of pineapple and cacti. These shoes are hand-made “with passion” by their family workshop and from the leather to the glue, are 100% vegan. They are proven to be durable and are definitely a good alternative to non-vegan fashion retailers as brand designer Sebastian Szypula tells Elle Magazine, “cactus skin is completely different – smooth and very similar in form to animal skin”.

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