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About us

Damoy Robertson

Founder & Managing Director

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Tech Lead

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Managing Editor

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Our Story

The Vegan review is the ultimate digital platform for impartial and unbiased plant-based and vegan news. We create unique, informative and factual content for vegans, the plant-based community, and the vegan-curious concerning animal welfare, ethical consumerism, sustainability, and the wider vegan and plant-based movement. You’ll find topics and news on all things vegan and plant-based, including Lifestyle, Food, Fashion, Business & Politics, and Pop-Culture. Our international audience recognises us for our engaging plant-based articles and videos shining a spotlight on current events and the vegan and plant-based culture.

Our Journalists

Here at The Vegan Review, we feel it is important to focus on presenting both objective and topical views from both vegan, and vegan-curious journalists. We have a global team of journalists who are dedicated to getting to the core of every story. We provide up-and-coming journalists with the opportunity to showcase their talents to the masses. If you have a vegan press release or news story that you’d like to share with us, please submit it via our press release submission form.

Our Mission

We strive to create a more open vegan community where we can discuss freely our ideas concerning the plant-based world. We believe by creating objective content more people will be equipped to make informed life decisions and commit to the vegan lifestyle.