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Tuesday, January 19, 2021


Alejandro Meola

Alejandro is a freelance journalist and writer with a degree in investigative development. He is experienced writing for digital media, magazines and radio, covering multiple sources and areas over the last five years.

Lidl introduces a new vegan cheese for Spain

Vegan Feel is a new vegan cheese for the Spanish market, betting on the boom in the country's veggie consumption trends. German supermarket chain Lidl...

Traditional Chinese medicine: A wildlife killing machine

Wildlife Exploitation As we have seen previously, wildlife exploitation across Asia is a problem with consequences going beyond the danger of the wildlife itself. The traditional...

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Is Lindt dark chocolate vegan, or can you not dream in chocolate?

Does the legendary chocolate brand cater to plant-based consumers? Here’s a look at whether Lindt’s dark chocolate is vegan or not. Ah, Lindt. Who doesn’t...

Veganism in automation: a kinder society calls for smarter cars

The global automotive industry is expected to be worth almost $9 trillion by 2030. Vegan designs and kinder-thinking cars are how a future-dependent industry...