Thursday, August 11, 2022

Alice Johnson 

Alice Johnson is a freelance writer, keen musician, and co-founder of Vegan Sisters’ Online Community, which offers training courses for content writers. She is passionate about public health, animal rights, sustainable living, plant-based food, travelling, conservation, and rescuing stray animals on her way around the world. Alice has made appearances on BBC News and her work has been published in national scientific journals, print magazines, and on web-based news channels. When she’s not in the kitchen experimenting with cashew cheese, homemade body moisturisers, and vegan kimchi, you probably won’t be able to find her as she will be off gallivanting around the world.

Vegan bodybuilding: How women are smashing stereotypes

Vegan Bodybuilding Stereotypes Just a Bunch of Nutritionally-Deficient Hippies Pale, unfit, willowy, deficient, weak. These are all words that people associate with vegans. The fact that...

Are vegan meat alternatives sustainable for the planet and us?

According to Nielsen, the sales of fresh plant-based meat alternatives in America have increased by 279.8% since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. What’s...

Do Vegans Have A Better Immune System?

Nowadays, there’s no end to the stream of articles touting vegan health benefits, including the ability of a vegan diet to create a better...

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