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Wednesday, March 3, 2021


Amy Buxton

Amy is a committed ethical vegan, raising a next generation compassionate human with her husband and beloved dog, Boo. A freelance writer with a background in PR, she decided to use the COVID lockdown period to refocus her client base and has come to The Vegan Review as a senior writer and editor. "What we should be doing is working at the job of life itself" is Amy's mantra, courtesy of Tom from The Good Life.

Think you’re Vegan AF? Only if you’re in New Jersey

More than just a snappy hashtag, Vegan AF is one the New Jersey’s best vegan restaurants. It’s also a pandemic success story. Few potential business...

Vegan Mob: the plant-based pioneers cooking up love in Oakland

Bringing plant-based barbecue and soul food to the San Francisco Bay Area, Vegan Mob is a passion project born out of community empowerment, knowledge...

Why being vegan in Atlanta is easier than ever before

Talk about veganism and you’ll be forgiven for assuming that the conversation will focus on LA, New York and other US hotspots. but Atlanta...

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