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Annette Chan

Annette is a freelance journalist and copywriter based in Hong Kong. She has written extensively about food, travel, and culture in Hong Kong and Asia at large, and counts intersectional feminism, alternative music, and beauty as her some of her main interests.

Traditional Chinese sweetened soy milk recipe

Annette Chan shares an authentic recipe for Chinese homemade sweetened soy milk — with just three ingredients and a versatile byproduct. Prep time: Six to 10...

Vegan jiaozi (Chinese dumplings)

Jiaozi are little pockets of joy. This vegan Chinese dumpling recipe gives you two options: a vegan pork substitute or rehydrated shiitake mushrooms. Prep time:...

The Ultimate Guide to vegan and sustainable grocery stores in Hong Kong

We’ve combed the city for the most ethical and vegan-friendly groceries. Here's our Ultimate Guide to plant-based and sustainable grocery stores in Hong Kong. When...

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Plant-based brands petitioning the EU over dairy alternatives labelling ban

Months after its vote to ban dairy-related terms in plant-based alternatives, ProVeg International is challenging the EU with a petition. ProVeg International, Oatly and Upfield...

Are Regenuary and regenerative farming aligned?

An environmentalist weighs in on the pros of regenerative farming and the validity of The Ethical Butcher's Regenuary campaign. "There are more than 220,000 tags...