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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Chloë Morgan

Chloë is a recent English graduate from Loughborough University. She tries to use her writing to raise awareness of important issues in an attempt to help others. Her passions lie in social justice, mental health and sustainability. After taking part in 'Veganuary', she developed an interest in veganism and recently went vegan. She is also trying to boycott fast fashion as much as possible by shopping second-hand and more sustainably.

Recycle, recycle, recycle. But how successful is it and do we do it properly?

We’re repeatedly told to recycle to save the planet. Experts discuss the problems with the UK’s recycling system and how different attitudes influence recycling...

Fast food ads are banned before 9pm, but why not fast fashion?

Junk food advertising will be banned before 9pm on UK television, but fast fashion will still storm our screens. Why is fast food considered...

Plastic Free July: the challenges of going completely plastic-free and zero-waste

With plastic and waste ubiquitous, going plastic-free and completely zero-waste seems pretty impossible. But whose responsibility is it to change and how? I’m always trying...

Food labels: should animal products include pictures of their conditions?

Cigarette packs include realistic images of their chronic consequences, so why don’t animal products too? What are the pros and cons of having pictures...

The rise of pet theft and its (lack of) consequences

Pet theft is on the rise, particularly increasing in lockdown, but is it taken seriously? What are the consequences and what more can be...

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