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Diana Buntajova

Diana is always looking for the environmental aspect of every story. She is interested in health and lifestyle, hoping to point to issues that are often overseen. Diana has explored topics including B-12 deficiency in the vegan diet, fears about exotic skin farms sparking another pandemic, and the Oreo controversy. Currently studying Journalism at City University of London, she enjoys everything to do with visuals especially photography. Creative and detail-oriented in both her visual and written work. On a mission to find the best vegan cheese and can't resist beyond meat burgers.

How veganism unveils sexism in society

Being vegan sometimes means facing snarky comments and lots of questions. But does veganism play a role in revealing sexism in society? The names of...

Tracye McQuirter: Helping African American women’s health through veganism

American nutritionist Tracye McQuirter talks about her tricky path to veganism, career change, and her passion for helping other African American women. A brave seventh-grader...

Buck Street Market: The UK’s first hub dedicated to sustainability

The newest addition to Camden High Street, Buck Street Market is all about sustainability and veganism, without compromise on quality or flavour. Even though the...

How London’s vegan fast-food joints are knocking on the doors of popular chains

London’s vegan fast-food joints are proving a point by with offerings identical to popular chains like McDonald’s and KFC. Everybody loves a burger packed with...

SpiceBox: Vegan Indian cuisine paying homage to British curry houses

Grace Regan, the founder of vegan Indian curry house SpiceBox, talks about her passion for the food, spices, inspirations and colours of India. Tucked away...

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The World Plant-Based Taste Awards 2021 are open for submissions

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