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Monday, November 30, 2020


Juanele Villanueva

Juanele Villanueva is a freelance journalist passionated with Environment Affairs. He is originally from Spain and started to be interested in the Environment and sustainability when he was in his masters at the University of Salford. His goal is to share stories which change the general belief that being eco-friendly is just for wealthy people. Moreover, the vegan diet is the easiest step that everyone can do to reduce its environmental footprint. He is also interested in conservationism, recycling, renewable energies and environmental policies

Is it a good idea to adopt a pet during a pandemic?

Experts advise thorough research before adopting a pet during the pandemic, especially if they’re from abroad, and double-checking that you really have time for...

Let nature be: Rewilding Britain on tackling climate change

With the UK low on biodiversity intactness, Rewilding Britain is leading efforts to 'rewild' nature to tackle the species extinction and climate change crises. For...

Organic, climate-friendly farming more beneficial than traditional methods, reveals study

Analysing more than 5,000 studies to compare diversified and simplified agricultural practices, a new study reveals the benefits of organic and climate-friendly farming. Organic farming...

Kiss the Ground: Netflix documentary about reversing climate change misses the point

Netflix documentary Kiss the Ground misses the point about reversing climate change: the solution isn’t to eat organic, it’s to reduce meat consumption. The documentary...

The wellbeing benefits of indoor plants

Limited to our homes, a pandemic is the perfect time to build green spaces indoors, as household plants are beneficial to our mental and...

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Coffee roaster Meira reduces carbon footprint with bio-based packaging

Finland-based coffee roaster Meira has launched a sustainable range called Vallilan Paahtimo, with vegan, bio-based packaging. Finnish coffee roaster Meira has partnered with packaging manufacturer...