Sunday, October 1, 2023

Mansi Vithlani

Mansi Vithlani is a journalism student at City, University of London. A vegetarian her whole life and a massive foodie, she enjoys discovering more about veganism and eating vegan cuisine! She enjoys investigating social media based stories and how its influence has made a significant difference in the last few years.

How sustainable were the Tokyo 2020 Olympics?

Sustainability was said to be at the forefront of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, but many have accused its organisers of greenwashing and superficiality. According to...

Potato, potahto, protein: how Branston upcycles potatoes into plant protein

Branston, one of the UK's biggest potato distributors, has launched a project that upcycles unwanted potatoes into a functional plant protein alternative for use in vegan...

Child climate activist Ishaan: ‘Eating without harming animals is a warm feeling’

Eight-year-old climate activist Ishaan talks promoting animal welfare, reducing deforestation and a vegan Roblox app. “We used to be vegetarian when I realised that the...

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