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Sunday, October 24, 2021

Melissa Elle

Hey! I'm Melissa and I've been vegan for over five years, and vegetarian since I was a kid. I want to show that veganism can be accessible for all and that any meal can be veganised. On my Instagram I regularly showcase that veganism extends itself further than the food through beauty, health, style and that it is truly a lifestyle worth embarking on.

Vegan steak(less) bake

A vegan steak bake makes an ideal snack, lunchbox addition or main meal focal point. And best of all, non-vegans love them too. Prep time:...

Vegan French toast recipe

The classic breakfast and brunch indulgence gets a plant-based makeover so that vegan french toast is not only a real thing at last, but...

Vegan red velvet crepes

As beautiful as they are tasty, these vegan red velvet crepes will add a whole new dimension of glamour to your dinner table, and...

Vegan bolognese sauce for high-protein pasta dinners

A staple for households the world over, pasta dinners aren’t anything new but a perfect vegan bolognese to accompany some carby goodness? That’s a...

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