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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Nameera Armin

Nameera is a freelance writer for The Vegan Review and a political science and economics student in McGill University. Originally from Bangladesh, Nameera's concerns toward climate change began at an early age as she grew up seeing it's devastating effects on the rural communities of her country. Her passions lie in social justice, sustainability and food. For her, the kitchen is a space for experimenting with different cuisines and culinary landscapes. She believes in learning from different cultures and passing on her knowledge to everyone she possibly can!

Fast fashion in Bangladesh: why boycotting it isn’t simple

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The 2020 US elections and the implications on climate change

Can the environment handle another four years of Trump? Here are the implications of the 2020 US elections on climate change. When Donald Trump’s administration...

Lessons from Angry Inuk: Consuming animals isn’t always black and white

Award-winning documentary Angry Inuk sheds light on the impact of anti-seal hunting campaigns on the indigenous Inuit peoples. Debates on the unethical and inhumane hunting...

High Cuisine: EP Asher Brown on creating the world’s first vegan cooking show

High Cuisine producer Asher Brown speaks to The Vegan Review about creating the world’s first vegan cooking competition, now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. In...

Non-GMO, Organic, Fairtrade: What do food labels really mean?

Non-GMO. Organic. Fairtrade. We see these food labels everywhere now. But what do they really entail? According to a survey, 86% of millennials would buy...

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