Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Rebekah Watters

Rebekah is an Australian freelance writer and copywriter who loves to eat great vegan food. She also loves to write about it whenever she gets the chance. She has a Bachelor’s in Speech Pathology (which she never used), a Graduate Diploma in Writing and Literature and a background in hospitality. She’s passionate about the environment and pasta and hates when people mess with her soy flat whites.

Miso: the flavour bomb ingredient your vegan cooking is missing

Miso adds an addictive, salty savouriness to anything it touches. Here’s how to use it in your vegan cooking to transform your meals. Though miso...

Vegan Italian: how to veganise classic pasta recipes

You don’t need to give up your favourite Italian meals when you go vegan — instead, veganise classic pasta dishes with these simple tips. Going...

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