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Tuesday, January 19, 2021


Sean Barrs

Sean is an animal rights activist and an ultra-runner. He is also a PhD student. In the past, he has written for numerous publications including Plant Based News. He came to the vegan review to help promote the work of others, he is especially interested in writing on individuals who advocate for the vegan lifestyle through sports and other forms of activism.

Peterborough greyhound stadium shut for good

On May 19th Peterborough Greyhound Stadium announced via their Facebook page that they have “ceased trading” with immediate effect after 75 years of business.   https://www.facebook.com/PeterboroughGreyhounds/posts/10159123574617699 The...

Vegan Cycle India raised £99,000 for Veganuary

An Epic Cycle India Challenge For Charity & Veganuary In February, 46 vegan cyclists represented Veganuary in India. They each attempted a 300km cycle ride...

Vegan ultra-runner Fiona Oakes smashes Marathon Des Sables distance

Marathon des Sables - The 250km Desert Marathon Marathon des Sables has been postponed until September because of Covid-19, but vegan ultra-runner Fiona Oakes smashed...

The Enduring Legacy Of The Game Changers

The Game Changers & Veganism The release of The Game Changers was a landmark event for the vegan movement.  The documentary premiered across major cinema chains...

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Is Lindt dark chocolate vegan, or can you not dream in chocolate?

Does the legendary chocolate brand cater to plant-based consumers? Here’s a look at whether Lindt’s dark chocolate is vegan or not. Ah, Lindt. Who doesn’t...

Veganism in automation: a kinder society calls for smarter cars

The global automotive industry is expected to be worth almost $9 trillion by 2030. Vegan designs and kinder-thinking cars are how a future-dependent industry...