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Tuesday, January 19, 2021


Yasmin Jafar

Yasmin is a journalism undergraduate at City, University of London who is a massive foodie — especially for anything dessert- or coffee-based! She’s passionate about food, its history, and researching and reviewing different diets around the world.

The benefits and effects of soy, according to a nutritionist

A popular alternative for vegans and a crucial component in plant-based diets, what are soy’s nutritional benefits and side effects? If you’re part of the...

Veganism in Russia: the past, present and future

Typically, veganism isn’t associated with Russia. However, it has significant historical ties and is becoming increasingly popular in the region. Growing up with an amalgam...

The cell-based debate: the future of agriculture or a food experiment gone too far?

Cell-based products blend scientific approach and daily life, but there’s a lot of controversy surrounding the industry, begging the question, is cell cultivation the...

SHU GUM: The sustainable and vegan solution to cleaning your shoes

Are your cleaning products vegan-friendly and sustainable? Anne-Sophie Flurry’s SHU GUM uses natural and sustainable ingredients to protect against bacteria buildup in shoes. Anne-Sophie Flurry...

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Is Lindt dark chocolate vegan, or can you not dream in chocolate?

Does the legendary chocolate brand cater to plant-based consumers? Here’s a look at whether Lindt’s dark chocolate is vegan or not. Ah, Lindt. Who doesn’t...

Veganism in automation: a kinder society calls for smarter cars

The global automotive industry is expected to be worth almost $9 trillion by 2030. Vegan designs and kinder-thinking cars are how a future-dependent industry...