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The best vegan restaurants in Atlanta for every cuisine

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Atlanta, Georgia. The home of southern charm, great soul food and an ever-increasing vegan community that loves to eat out. No wonder the scene is bursting with so many options.

It feels as though you can barely turn a corner in sunny Atlanta without stumbling across yet another fantastic vegan cafe, restaurant or food truck. Notice how we didn’t say that you’ll walk past any of these eateries, because who can resist the lure of freshly cooked treats with a conscience?

Whether you’re in the mood for something sweet, a taste of Asia, comfort food like Memaw used to make, or something unashamedly dirty and decadent, the state capital of Georgia is here to serve.

Here are some of the best vegan restaurants in Atlanta that need to be added to your bucket list, if they aren’t already firmly at the top.

Soul food hotspots

vegan soul foodWhen you want a dash of traditional food but with some extra love built in, vegan soul food is the way to go. Happy hearts and stomachs are guaranteed if you visit any of the following:

Go Vegan Grill

Chicken and gravy, shrimp and grits, and longstanding favourites like mac and cheese all get the vegan treatment here, alongside other styles of cooking. There are plenty of soy and gluten-free options for plant-based diners with extra considerations as well.

Soul Vegetarian

Vegan before it was cool, Soul Vegetarian has always really leaned into the joy of traditional southern soul food, just without any animal products. What the menu lacks in meat, it makes up for in creativity and an exclusive protein recipe that gives bite and texture to a number of its most popular dishes. And yes, the cornbread is delicious.

Grass VBQ

Have you even eaten southern food if you’ve not had barbecue? Not according to Grass VBQ, which has taken the time to faithfully recreate meat specials with plant-based alternatives. Animal-free brisket and spicy chicken are exceptionally popular, served with slaw, pickles and all the fixin’s you’d expect. But leave room for the bourbon and peach crumble or you’ll be kicking yourself all the way home. If you’re a barbecue fan that usually opts for meat, just give Grass VBQ a try; it’s not regarded as one of the best vegan restaurants in Atlanta for nothing.

Cafe Sunflower

One of Atlanta’s longest-standing and best vegan restaurants, Cafe Sunflower offers a varied menu with recognisable dishes running throughout. From burgers to tacos and pasta to hearty salads, there’s a little something for everyone. It’s the Buffalo chicken and layered cakes that really satisfy the soul though.

Brilliant burger joints

slutty veganHealth food is great but sometimes, you just want the satisfaction of a fully-loaded burger or hot dog. Amirite? The more toppings, the better and the harder it is to eat. Well, that just makes it more satisfying when you finally lick your fingers clean. Vegan and vegetarian diners in Atlanta don’t need to go without the grease if they visit:

Slutty Vegan

Stacked so high they are in danger of toppling before you can get your mouth around them, the menu items from Slutty Vegan add fun into the mix as well as flavour. All given cheeky monikers, you’ll enjoy not only a big dollop of decadence when you eat here but also the fun of some double entendre too. Because who doesn’t want a Hollywood Hooker or a Fussy Hussy?

Just be warned: the food is ultra-rich here. Kale salads, these burgers and dogs are not, but every once in a while, you can afford to treat yourself to the kings of comfort foods.

Life Bistro

vegan restaurants atlanta

Giving American comfort food a vegan and elegant twist, the burgers and sliders here are powered by plant protein and stacked high at Life Bistro. Naturally, avocado can be added and you can choose to be a little more virtuous with zucchini fries or all-out indulgent with regular versions. It’s the in-house vegan cheese sauce that tips the balance here, so don’t go without it.

Honorable mentions go to the burger restaurants that cater to vegans, including YEAH! BURGER and Grindhouse Killer Burgers. But we are looking at the best vegan restaurants in Atlanta here, not shouting about everyone that has a couple of plant-based options on the menu.

Asian awesomeness


Veganism has roots in Asian cultures and those with spirituality running through their core, so there’s something symbiotic about the mixing of eastern flavours and vegan ingredients. From simple stir-fry dishes to complex Asian fusion creations, Atlanta restaurants seem to have a knack for catering to all palates. Popular eateries include:

Green Sprout

A Chinese restaurant that places health at the forefront of everything it creates, Green Sprout isn’t shy about spreading the message of veganism. A proud member of the plant-based community, the team talks about how warm and inclusive the vegan and vegetarian scene is in Atlanta and seeks to offer tasty Asian cuisine. Soy chicken, spring rolls and authentic curries are some of the most popular orders that evoke memories of authentic Chinese street foods.

Herban Fix

Filling a gap in the market for a truly fine vegan dining experience, Herban Fix is an Asian fusion destination that brings exciting flavours together in creative and beautiful dishes. Looking to cater to everybody, and not just as a vegan or vegetarian restaurant, the location encourages curious foodies with all food preferences to make a booking and enjoy the culinary expertise.

Healthy havens

raw vegan atlantaWhile not all of the best vegan restaurants in Atlanta seek to be healthy food providers, there are a few that try to stay true to the more pure elements of a plant-based diet. Creating tasty juices, raw dishes and clever comfort food, the following are great for mind, body and soul:

True Food Kitchen

The speciality here is “craveable food that boosts your mood”, so you know you’re in for a satisfying and nourishing meal as soon as you step through the door. Fresh seasonal ingredients dictate the menus, which are designed to improve immunity and wellbeing, while not skimping on taste. And yes, you definitely should leave room for dessert because you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what True Food Kitchen whips us as a sweet treat.

Tassili’s Raw Reality

As the name suggests, raw is the dish of the day, every day at Raw Reality. Healthier than fast food and offering so much variety, the seaweed wraps are incredible and can be accompanied with an enormous range of sides, salads and rebalancing drinks. Desserts include brownies and carob cakes so rich you’ll believe you are indulging in something positively sinful. Harmony, sustainability and community run through the heart of this fantastic restaurant, so if you’re looking to nourish your spirit and your belly, this is the spot to hit.

Lov’n It Live

Farm-to-table gets a vegan edge in this unique Atlanta restaurant that likes to serve raw wherever possible, to maintain the nutrients in the food. There’s a focus on care and cultivation here that fits well with the vegan message of consciousness but don’t think you can’t enjoy something hearty because it’s healthy. Pizza and lasagna are among the most ordered dishes; they just happen to not be as bad for you as the fast food versions.

Though we can’t give you a definitive best vegan restaurant recommendation for Atlanta, all of the above come highly recommended and tempt travellers from all over the globe to make a reservation. So what are you in the mood for? Because if it’s animal-free and unforgettable, you’ve got to head to Georgia.

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