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Sunday, October 24, 2021


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Recycle, recycle, recycle. But how successful is it and do we do it properly?

We’re repeatedly told to recycle to save the planet. Experts discuss the problems with the UK’s recycling system and how different attitudes influence recycling...

Why Yemen’s civil war is also an environmental one

A Yemeni local reflects on the ongoing civil war and its consequences on Yemen’s environment and climate change as a whole. The abundance of food...

How people responded to the UK’s animal sentience bill

The UK government introduced the Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill in May, but reactions were divided, with some welcoming and others criticising the move. Sentience is...

Why Tibet’s occupation by China afflicts both human rights and climate change

A Tibetan explains how the plateau faces human rights violations and environmental crises due to China’s illegal occupation. Security, food, and freedom of expression are...

How far are we from vegan medicines and healthcare systems?

Reshaping healthcare and pharmaceutical systems into vegan entities is garnering increased attention, as debates for vegan medicines and vaccines reignite. "Pills merely treat the symptoms....

India’s biomedical waste increased by 17% last year due to Covid-19

Biomedical waste in India caused by Covid-19 is worsening the country’s climate and the daily lives of its citizens. Just take one look around you...

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