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Wednesday, April 14, 2021


Business & Politics

The eco-friendly electric bike kits taking on Gujarat’s streets

Students from the Gujarat Technical University have invented electric and battery-operated motorbike kits that are both cost-efficient and eco-conscious. The impact of the travelling industry...

WEEE and REE: identifying the weak points in the recycling chain

A study reveals failures in the recycling chain that lead to finding rare-earth elements from electronic devices in food packaging. As electronic waste grows,...

The world’s first legal challenge against factory farming

Represented by human rights lawyer Michael Mansfield, Scrap Factory Farming is the first-of-its-kind legal challenge aimed at the UK government. Suffering, climate chaos, ravaging the...

Dealing with the aftermath of the Simlipal forest fires in India

Ghasiram Panda, a forest researcher, explains the causes and impact of the Simlipal forest fires in Odisha, and how to move forward. According to the...

Using AI to address food waste in the hospitality industry

The Winnow Vision System is using artificial intelligence to help curb food waste in commercial kitchens and the hospitality industry. There are millions of people...

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