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Business & Politics

Is Norway an influential sustainable development leader for the rest of the world?

Norway’s financial security makes a positive impact on its sustainable development goals, but can other countries follow its lead? The fight for our planet’s preservation...

The for-profit charity: ending hunger with transparency and vegan food

This social enterprise has a unique win-more-than-you-put-in approach for fundraising and reaching its mission of ending hunger in North America. Do you ever wonder if...

The Vegan Conservatives: the plant-based wing of the UK’s right

The Vegan Conservatives are breaking down misconceptions around Toryism; promoting veganism for the benefit of human health, animal welfare, and the environment. Typing the words...

The Kindling Trust wants to shorten the farm-to-fork path

Looking for a farm with organic vegetables grown seasonally and sold locally, Kindling Trust offered to buy a cooperative farm operated by the residents...

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