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Friday, February 26, 2021


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The PETA-Approved Vegan label: Making cruelty-free clothing easy

PETA’s corporate projects director Yvonne Taylor explains the story behind the PETA-Approved Vegan label, and how to make your wardrobe cruelty-free. Being vegan isn't just...

Veshin: The sustainable fashion factory bringing radical transparency to the world

Earlier this year, Hertfordshire-born designer Joey Pringle and Chinese businessman Hongliang Yu launched Veshin, a vegan-driven fashion business vowing to revolutionise the industry for...

Hong Kong’s sinister trade of shark finning

Media franchises like Jaws have led to gross overestimates of shark-related deaths. Meet the people fighting for a cause that many ignore: shark finning. “What...

Monkey slavery: Is your coconut milk really vegan?

A PETA investigation has revealed shocking abuse on monkey slavery to harvest coconuts on Thai farms. Supermarket shelves offer a large variety of milk alternatives,...

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