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Wednesday, June 23, 2021



Vegan Evan: ‘When I’m president, it’ll be illegal to harm animals’

Vegan Evan, a 10-year-old vegan activist from Florida, is running for president in 2048. He wants his leadership to show veganism is the right...

Are Holocaust comparisons doing more harm than good to veganism?

Jewish vegans are asking animal rights activists to stop using Holocaust comparisons after commentary by James Aspey sparks criticism. Holocaust analogies within the vegan community...

Bon Appétit’s vegan host Chrissy Tracey: ‘Diversity can never be an overcorrection’

Chrissy Tracey, Bon Appétit’s first vegan chef, on the magazine’s racism controversy, cooking without measurements and food media’s biggest issue. It was an Instagram comment...

Vegan activist Jackie Norman: ‘Just being vegan is not enough’

Vegan FTA’s Jackie Norman on giving up on the dairy industry, giving evidence in parliament, and the misconceptions around vegan activism. Jackie Norman knows what...

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