Saturday, April 1, 2023


Food & Products

Revo Food’s Plant-Based Salmon Fillet Presented at Rooftop Launch

Revo Foods, the Austrian makers of plant-based seafood products, has managed to create something many vegans could only previously dream about. And only last...

Ripple Foods launches Oat Milk + Protein

Plant-based dairy product wonders, Ripple Foods, has added to its product list with its latest plant-based milk, Oatmilk Plus Protein.  Oatmilk Plus Protein contains 6...

Forager Project brings Dairy-Free Kids Yoghurt pouches to the market

Finally, the dairy-free yoghurt product many vegan parents have been waiting for! Or at least, I have... Forager Project, an organic, plant-based, family-owned creamery, has...

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