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Achieving more than sustainability through an evidence-based nutrition cafe

An Aussie couple has a mission: to accelerate progress towards a regenerative wellbeing economy. Lamina Community wants to build a more-than-sustainable world, starting with...

Vegan Food Club: the vegan meal service inspired by a Bollywood film

Inspired by The Lunchbox and Mumbai’s storied dabbawala service, Vegan Food Club is bringing vegan food delivery culture to Spain. In 2013, The Lunchbox made...

Plant Science: the challenges of making vegan brown butter

Why can’t vegan butter brown? Plant-based alternatives need a few key components, and some brands have unlocked the trick. It was when I was first...

Northern Vegan Festival: the UK’s first vegan market after the pandemic

The Northern Vegan Festival brought together many traders from different sectors, including clothing, cosmetics, sustainable materials, and, of course, food. It was the first weekend...

Blending alt-milks: mixing milkadamia and Sproud for the best barista milk

If you’re not blending your plant-based milk, you’re missing a trick. The barista versions from milkadamia and Sproud will change how you drink coffee. We’re...

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