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Potato, potahto, protein: how Branston upcycles potatoes into plant protein

Branston, one of the UK's biggest potato distributors, has launched a project that upcycles unwanted potatoes into a functional plant protein alternative for use in vegan...

How to get enough omega-3 as a vegan — plus the best sources

Omega-3s are an essential part of a healthy diet but are typically linked to seafood. However, if you’re plant-based, there are still some great...

The Ultimate Guide to vegan probiotics — plus the best sources

While yoghurt is the most well-known source of probiotics, healthy products boasting great amounts of vegan probiotics are on the rise. Probiotics are more than...

HLTHPUNK: plant-based condiments in a tube

Mayo in a tube? That’s what HLTHPUNK is promising you. Except it’s vegan, organic and "infinitely recyclable". After years of working as a designer in...

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