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How an April Fools prank launched a vegan milk delivery service

Jamie Chapman, founder of vegan milk delivery service M*lkman, talks glass bottles, oats and the “bonkers” labelling ban. In 2017, a few people were distributing...

Debunking the myths behind soybeans and phytoestrogen activity

Here are some of the myths behind soy consumption, the role of estrogen and health outcomes as supported by current scientific evidence. Soybeans are a...

If only people stopped comparing seitan with Satan

For something as old as seitan, the ‘Satan’ comparison is tiring, played out and, frankly, a waste of time. Let’s stop. When George Ohsawa coined...

Meet the woman giving a purpose to Ethiopian vegan food

Helen, known as ethiopianfoodie, has been an ambassador for her culture since 13. Today, she inspires the world with vegan Ethiopian food. Helen first found...

How much protein should I be eating on a vegan diet?

Understanding the nutrition behind plant-based protein and personal protein requirements are key factors in achieving your personal fitness goals. Adequate protein consumption in the diet...

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