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The Ultimate Guide to eco-friendly dairy alternatives in 2020

Plant-Based Milk: Which Alternative Is The Most Climate-Friendly? Dairy alternatives are all the rage now. But concerns about their environmental impact have cropped up lately....

PlantPub Set To Open The First Vegan Beer Hall

Launched by team members from Rewild, Quincy's first pop-up vegan beer hall, PlantPub will be Boston's first permanent vegan beer hall serving beer, burgers...

Temple Of Seitan: The Ultimate Vegan Fried Chicken

Cruelty-Free Fried Chicken London’s first cruelty-free fried chicken shop, Temple of Seitan, opened its doors in a third location. Their new Camden branch brings all...

Are vegan meat alternatives sustainable for the planet and us?

According to Nielsen, the sales of fresh plant-based meat alternatives in America have increased by 279.8% since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. What’s...

When Vegan ‘Meat’ Meets Food Culture

Vegan Meat Alternatives The market of meat substitutes is constantly growing, and it is now even involving major supermarket chains like Lidl who have recently...

Vegan Condiments: The Brands Paving The Way

The Importance of Condiments They accompany everyone’s food favourites, from chips and jacket potatoes to salad and burgers. Condiments can add that extra zing needed...

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