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Food labels: should animal products include pictures of their conditions?

Cigarette packs include realistic images of their chronic consequences, so why don’t animal products too? What are the pros and cons of having pictures...

The best vegan donut recipes on the internet

Whether you are a classic glazed fan or opt for something more decadent like jam-filled, we scoured the web for the best vegan donut...

Potato, potahto, protein: how Branston upcycles potatoes into plant protein

Branston, one of the UK's biggest potato distributors, has launched a project that upcycles unwanted potatoes into a functional plant protein alternative for use in vegan...

How to get enough omega-3 as a vegan — plus the best sources

Omega-3s are an essential part of a healthy diet but are typically linked to seafood. However, if you’re plant-based, there are still some great...

The Ultimate Guide to vegan probiotics — plus the best sources

While yoghurt is the most well-known source of probiotics, healthy products boasting great amounts of vegan probiotics are on the rise. Probiotics are more than...

HLTHPUNK: plant-based condiments in a tube

Mayo in a tube? That’s what HLTHPUNK is promising you. Except it’s vegan, organic and "infinitely recyclable". After years of working as a designer in...

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