Tuesday, November 28, 2023


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Top Tips on Going Vegan for Beginners

Thinking about going vegan? It’s a great decision to make but we recognise that it can sometimes seem like a daunting lifestyle move. We've...

Our Favourite Plant-Based, Fine Dining Restaurants

Typically, when reading restaurant recommendations, the usual plant-based suggestions are based around a more casual dining option - the junk food you often crave...

PlantX Opens New XMarket Uptown Store in Chicago

Digital face of the plant-base community and now operating as a one stop shop for all your vegan requirements, PlantX Life, celebrated the official...

The Best Vegan Handbags…According To Us

A regular challenge for many fashion-conscious vegans can be the search for the perfect bag...the perfect shoes...etc. We live in a world where sadly...

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