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Thursday, March 4, 2021



Vegan challenges: campaigns to help people go plant-based

There are loads of vegan challenges ranging from days to weeks, all designed to help meat-eaters, flexitarians and vegetarians to transition to a plant-based...

The importance of community as a vegan

Veganism can be a lonely place sometimes. Aaron Frid, founder of The Vegan Switch, is developing a space for people to transition safely and...

The farmer who irrigates his crops with salty water

Traditional saline agriculture is in decline. Agricultural designer Rafael Monge explains why he's reviving the sustainable technique. If you have had a plant, you probably...

Gjenge Makers: Recycling Kenya’s plastic waste into construction bricks

Kenya-based Gjenge Makers founder Nzambi Matee talks about recycling plastic waste and the alternative construction products sector. The harmful effects of excessive carbon emissions on...

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