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Water you can eat: edible water bottles revolutionising packaged water

Two Imperial College students have developed an edible water bottle, Ooho, hoping to change the future of packaged water. The spread of single-use plastic is...

The 17 most unhelpful vegan clichés

It’s safe to say that most vegans have heard their fair share of clichés and been quizzed about outdated stereotypes, but which are the...

Should children learn about veganism in school?

Ethical veganism is considered a belief system within employment law in the UK, but does that automatically mean that children need to learn about...

Debunking 13 vegan myths

We all know that fear and lack of education cause unflattering clichés to be created about certain groups. But as vegans, we sure have...

How can a vegan diet maximise your fitness workout?

With gyms reopening soon, how exactly might a vegan diet assist you in reaching your fitness goals and performing better? Many of us, myself included,...

20 resources to help you live a more compassionate life

There’s a whole world of books, apps, documentaries, podcasts and more designed to make a transition to veganism simpler and more informed, but where...

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