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Raising children vegan: what traditional plant-based diets have taught us

Veganism is steadily on the rise, especially among younger people. While some parents are concerned vegan diets are unsustainable for children, others have been...

Vegan Inventions: sample products, give feedback, create change — all for free

The Vegan Review co-founders Damoy Robertson and Jaimie van Duin talk their new product sampling platform, Vegan Inventions. This outlet almost wasn’t called The Vegan...

Plastic Free July: the challenges of going completely plastic-free and zero-waste

With plastic and waste ubiquitous, going plastic-free and completely zero-waste seems pretty impossible. But whose responsibility is it to change and how? I’m always trying...

Is vegan food healthier when accounting for ultra-processed products?

Many advise a shift to vegan diets as they are healthier, but with ultra-processed food on the rise, it’s not so straightforward. Plant-based doesn't necessarily...

Building the first-ever Vegan Interior Design Week

Vegan interior design is an up-and-coming industry, and one designer is hosting a conference to bring the industry together. One of my favourite things about...

The rise of pet theft and its (lack of) consequences

Pet theft is on the rise, particularly increasing in lockdown, but is it taken seriously? What are the consequences and what more can be...

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