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Thursday, April 15, 2021



‘It’s so far from the truth’: unearthing vegan body shaming

Following a surge in vegan cyberbullying over the last few years, the plant-based community has witnessed a prevalence in body-shaming. Anti-vegan cyberbullying and hate crimes...

The difference one vegan makes

As veganism continues to dominate the headlines, here's the difference one vegan makes and how individual actions can collectively contribute to a brighter future. Many...

How The Ethical Dairy aims to transform a dated industry

The Ethical Dairy’s David Finlay presents a middle ground for dairy farmers. But a former dairy farmer explains why ‘ethical’ and ‘dairy’ still can’t...

The battle for vegan baby formulas and why we need them

With many mothers choosing to raise vegan children, here are the issues they face and why we need plant-based baby formula options. Parents make decisions...

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