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How to be the only vegan at dinner parties

Being vegan during social gatherings like dinner parties can be a struggle, especially when you’re the only one there. Fortunately, there are some ways...

The bottle bricks taking on Nigeria’s housing and environmental crises

Plastic bottles filled with sand and mud are serving as a fantastic and eco-friendly alternative to traditional bricks and concrete materials in Nigeria. What comes...

The straw that filters dirty water to make it safe for drinking

LifeStraw uses technology similar to kidney dialysis to filter contaminated water and make it safe for consumption, but is it accessible in the right...

Extreme E: the race that runs for the environment

Nine teams run on electric SUVs around the corners of the world to highlight the climate crisis in eco-friendly races called Extreme E. Key environmental...

The challenges of balancing veganism with food allergies and intolerances

Jane Cahane explores the issues of suffering from food allergies and intolerances while following veganism from a personal standpoint. I had just returned from what...

The best vegan running shoes on the market

It can be a nightmare finding the perfect running shoe, especially when you're looking for vegan running shoes. But there are plenty of options...

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