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The perception of veganism

Perceptions of veganism are stopping a vast number of people from giving the lifestyle a try, but what can be done about educating the...

Vegan ultra-runner Fiona Oakes smashes Marathon Des Sables distance

Marathon des Sables - The 250km Desert Marathon Marathon des Sables has been postponed until September because of Covid-19, but vegan ultra-runner Fiona Oakes smashed...

Do Vegans Have A Better Immune System?

Nowadays, there’s no end to the stream of articles touting vegan health benefits, including the ability of a vegan diet to create a better...

When Vegan ‘Meat’ Meets Food Culture

Vegan Meat Alternatives The market of meat substitutes is constantly growing, and it is now even involving major supermarket chains like Lidl who have recently...

Do we need more vegan lingerie?

The Rise of Eco-Friendly Fashion With the growing number of people who are interested in eco-friendly fashion, most retailers are forced to adapt in order...

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