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France adopts climate law that reduces meat on school menus

France has adopted a long-awaited Climate and Resilience law that aims to help reach its 2030 target of 40% carbon emission reduction. France's MPs and...

Meat-eating and car-driving mean men cause more climate emissions than women

Men cause more climate emissions than women, a new study about the gender difference on environmental impact has revealed. Even though they spend a similar...

New Zealand’s Otis oat milk accepts former Trump aide’s investment

New Zealand-based oat milk brand Otis has accepted investment from former Trump deputy chief of staff Chris Liddell, making him a shareholder. Donald Trump's former...

Oatly rejects accusations by short seller of misreporting revenue and greenwashing

Oatly has rejected accusations by activist short seller Spruce Point Capital Management, which claimed the Swedish brand has overstated its revenue and is greenwashing...

30% less meat consumption and tackling climate change key in UK’s National Food Strategy

The UK's National Food Strategy, released today, calls for a 30% reduction in meat consumption to fight climate change, with a detailed, three-pronged approach. A...

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