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UN secretary-general Antonio Guterres urged to go vegan

The United Nations secretary-general, Antonio Guterres, is facing calls by NGOs and politicians to lead by example and transition to a vegan diet. Politicians, journalists,...

UK government failing to keep up with climate change impacts

The Climate Change Committee has warned that the UK government's plan to fight climate change is struggling to keep up with its impact. The UK...

Soy and pea protein reign supreme in new vegan products in Europe

New plant-based protein products have witnessed soy and pea protein as the major players, with alt-meat accounting for 70% of the launches. Europe's plant-based protein...

Meatless Farm opens new production facility in the Netherlands

Months after opening a facility in Calgary, Meatless Farm is boosting its European production with a new hub in the Netherlands. Plant-based meat brand Meatless...

Plant-centred diets more effective than low-fat for heart disease

Plant-centred diets are better at reducing the long-term risk of heart disease than low-fat diets, according to a 30-year study. A 30-year study following more...

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