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Vegan Under Lockdown: The Coronavirus Challenge In Italy

It is no secret that Italy is experiencing one of the most difficult times after the second post-war period with the coronavirus challenge. Every...

Free online course: Exploring The Science Behind Plant-Based Meat

Launched last year, the Good Food Institute’s free online course exploring science behind plant-based meat (Massive Open Online Course) has since enrolled “over 3,700...

Novameat introduces world’s first 3D-printed steak

Novameat has created the world’s first 3D-printed steak and it just so happens to be vegan. This sentence might sound at odds with itself,...

Ikea goes vegan with Beyond Meat trial

Ikea goes vegan? Yesterday, Ikea announced it will be introducing Beyond Meat’s vegetable burger to its Amsterdam and Amersfoort stores. This will be a...

MycoWorks to answer millennials’ call for sustainable luxury fashion

Reishi is the non-plastic, non-animal material that MycoWorks says is an “entirely new option for leather”. This week, MycoWorks announced it had raised $17 million...

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