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Friday, March 5, 2021



Shaking up Shark Tank: the Everything Legendary vegan burgers

Vegan entrepreneur Mark Cuban invested in Black-owned business Everything Legendary, which makes plant-based burgers, on Shark Tank last week. Entrepreneurial show Shark Tank welcomed vegan...

The ups and downs of vegan social media communities

Social media brings similar people together, and does the same for veganism. Community members talk about its pros and cons. As veganism soars in supermarkets,...

Are Holocaust comparisons doing more harm than good to veganism?

Jewish vegans are asking animal rights activists to stop using Holocaust comparisons after commentary by James Aspey sparks criticism. Holocaust analogies within the vegan community...

Bon Appétit’s vegan host Chrissy Tracey: ‘Diversity can never be an overcorrection’

Chrissy Tracey, Bon Appétit’s first vegan chef, on the magazine’s racism controversy, cooking without measurements and food media’s biggest issue. It was an Instagram comment...

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