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Neats Kitchen: vegan Indian curries straight to your doorstep

Tanuj Grover, founder of Neats Kitchen, explains the story of his career and the inspiration behind the north Indian vegan curry brand. There is arguably...

HumaniTea: climate-conscious, oat milk-based vegan tea lattes

Megan Robinson, brand and marketing specialist of HumaniTea, describes the origins and goals of the vegan tea brand. There are so many varieties of coffee...

NUTJAM: blending unique flavours into the peanut butter game

Lawrence Bennett, founder of NUTJAM, describes how the company came about and its vision for the future of peanut butter in the UK. After sitting...

Notorious Nooch: toasting flakes to flavour nutritional yeast

Steve Wildish gives insight into how his culinary curiosity led to creating his plant-based nutritional yeast brand, Notorious Nooch. I’ve always been a foodie. Upon...

Kacchi London: Ayurvedic influences to accompany your meal

Aradhana Bhandari, founder of Kacchi London, describes her startup experience and how the brand was influenced by the Ayurvedic diet. The Ayurvedic diet is an...

Honeybee Burger: a humble vegan burger joint with a grand mission

Wall Street veteran Adam Weiss tells the story behind his plant-based restaurant, Honeybee Burger. Meet Honeybee Burger: a humble little vegan burger joint with a...

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