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4 Vegan beauty brands putting ethics first

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Finding truly ethical vegan beauty brands can be a struggle, but the following are all worth considering:

1. Mulondon

MuLondon might be the go-to, if you want to make sure skin products are 100% animal friendly. The rather small but selective collection of cleansers and moisturisers are exclusively designed for sensitive skin and are said to be beneficial of all skin types. The cost of a single product made of pure essential oils and herbal extracts ranges from 16 to 28 pounds. The brand is particularly proud of having multiply certifications including The Soil Association1% For the PlanetB CorporationVegan Society, Leaping BunnyPETAViva!Nature watchGreen AmericaVegetarian SocietyCampaign for Safe Cosmetics and Humane Company to demonstrate its efforts to create a “change that is more than skin deep.”

2. ColorProof

In search of non-toxic beauty products, ColorProof was originally created by an American hairstylist to help a friend with cancer. Now, the vegan beauty brand’s complete line of professional luxury products is exclusively for repairing and maintaining color-treated hair. Committed to “being kind to the earth- and the animals”, the brand only uses plant-based ingredients, sustainable packaging and “works towards 100% post-consumer recycled plastic for every bottle.” 

3. NCLA Beauty 

Beloved by stars from Beyonce to Bella Hadid, NCLA Beauty offers affordable beauty products. The L.A. based brand became popular for its nail polish and nail wraps but also has a large collection of lip and other beauty treatments in store. Nclabeauty claims to  never test its products on animals, and maintaining 100% vegan formulas.” With its “flirty“and “cute” beauty line that is “always staying true to its L.A. roots”, Nclabeauty collaborates with high profile brands including Hello Kitty, Barbie and Disney. 

4. Sparitual

Sparitual is calling for all spa professionals, wellness- and self-care lovers. Since 2004, the sustainable, vegan beauty brand provides affordable body and nail care products using cruelty- free and organic ingredients such as jojoba oil, aloe or ginger root extract. Based on healing traditions of the spa, the brands products aim to provide relaxing “ways to help you slow down and live in accordance with the natural pace of your life.”

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Rebecca Horn
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