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Thursday, December 3, 2020

5 Luxury Vegan Fashion Brands

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  1. MATT & NAT

Matt and Nat are a luxury vegan brand, well known for their range of handbags. With over 800 boutiques around the world, they are committed to being sustainable and eco-friendly. Inspired by material and nature (hence their name), Matt & Nat uses innovative ways to synergise their values of social responsibility and authenticity while creating their vegan designs. For over 10 years they have been experimenting with different recycled materials and now, the linings of their bags are made of 100% plastic bottles. 


Featuring on magazine covers and the red carpet, Dalia MacPhee is another brand stocking mainly vegan clothing. Described by Entertainment Tonight as “couture with a conscious” Dalia MacPhee provide luxury gowns, bags, athletics and even some options for pets. With their ‘GivingBack’ scheme, Dalia MacPhee take part in human and animal causes across the globe as they acknowledge “one act of random kindness at a time can change the world”.


This cruelty-free, Italian luxury vegan shoe brand aims to “guarantee comfort, elegance and durability” in their shoes. Nemanti Shoes make shoes for both men and women and are determined to please all – they provide a bespoke option to create unique products by following your desires. To meet their respect for animals, they use only cruelty free products and to exhibit their motto that “your foot is not born to trample the earth, but to tread gently upon it”, they use recycled products.


From luxury bags, shoes to clothing, Stella McCartney vows to be an agent for change, arguing that “the consumption of animals – whether you’re wearing them or eating them – is extraordinarily damaging to the planet.” Due to their unique system which measures their impact on the environment, they find new alternative materials to utilise sustainable and animal friendly materials; wool from high quality welfare farms, recycled nylon, organic fur and even their viscose is sourced in a way to protect forests. 


This PETA-approved vegan brand believes that “no animal should be hurt by making beautiful bags and accessories” and prove that vegan products can be trendy with their luxury products. Denise Roobol hopes to inspire all women by showing how easy it can be to wear vegan fashion. By using vegan microfiber in all of their products, they provide bags which have a strong coating against sunlight and water, making them high-quality and durable whilst also being sustainable. 


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