Sunday, October 1, 2023

Nick Cannon launches vegan soul food restaurant

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Actor, television host, comedian, rapper, director, writer, producer and now restaurant owner Nick Cannon has launched a vegan soul food eatery in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles in Japanese restaurant Yamashiro. Respectfully named the VTree Hollywood, Cannon has collaborated with plant-based cook Chef Velvet Jacobs to serve classic foods from ‘Mac n Cheeze’ to Salisbury steak made with seitan.  

Chef Velvet already owns a plant-based soul food restaurant called ‘Veltree’ in North Carolina, and it is when Cannon tried their vegan chicken that the actor was hooked in and wanted to join forces with the chef.  After being diagnosed with lupus in 2012, the host embraced a diet that excluded meats and processed foods for his health and wanted to give Hollywood more plant-based classic soul food options.

The eatery from Nick Cannon has been active on social media by providing updates, as well as photos of the chef’s creations. Having launched almost a week ago, VTree has gained a lot of traction by selling out almost immediately after opening. They also have been endorsed by many celebrities such as Prince Jackson. 

Due to COVID-19, the restaurant is only offering takeaway but have assured that they will fully open their doors once things have returned to ‘normal.’

The Vtree Hollywood Menu

The Vtree Hollywood Menu
Photo from The Vtree Hollywood


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