Sunday, December 10, 2023


4.33 out of 5
4.33 out of 5

We are revolutionising the food industry with our unique products and want to secure people’s protein supply with GREENFORCE. But not at the expense of animals, the environment or you! We believe in a sustainable future with the power of plants and value high-quality proteins. That’s why we are constantly developing products that are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.Our secret? Plant-based food products that you can mix yourself – without any unnecessary additives!In just a few steps, you can make meatballs, a schnitzel or a juicy burger out of powder.The food products are not only super tasty, but also enable everyone to lead a healthy and sustainable lifestyle thanks to their vegetable base.

3 reviews for GREENFORCE

  1. Kate Arnold

    My whole family loved this mixture! It was super easy to make too. Once mixed with cold water and a little oil I added some chopped spring onions and a few mixed herbs. The mix said made 6 meatballs but I made about 15! They were really tasty and filling. I got my 6 year old to help and she enjoyed being part of the process mixing and forming the balls. They tasted really ‘meaty’ and my gluten free husband could have them too! Definitely recommend.

  2. Damoy Robertson

    Tried the Greenforce meatball mix today. Texture was slightly different from buying plant-based meatballs that are ready made. Tasted good and took on the flavour well of the seasoning we used. A good way to get more for less and tasted healthy.

  3. Jaimie Orle

    I made around 9 medium sized meatballs out of one pack and I was pleasantly surprised with how they turned out. Don’t expect the same texture as ready made, store bought ones but these are definitely a great option and the clear instructions makes them easy to make!

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