Monday, November 27, 2023

Sweden’s favourite vegan milk coming to US and Canada

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Sproud — Sweden’s go-to sustainable vegan milk — is set to launch this April in the US and Canada. The dairy alternative is made from pea protein and is also non-GMO and allergen-free. It is also available in a wide variety of formulations.

Four incarnations of the product will be available to buy. These include original, unsweetened, chocolate and the barista-inspired professional formula that is used already by café’s in Sweden, such as Lofbergs Coffee. By introducing a wide range, Sproud is showing commercial awareness as well as ethical credentials. Maximising the chances of people trying at least one variety of vegan milk is the key to garnering new customers, after all.

Lofbergs’ Head Barista, Alexander Ntatsos said: “It is quickly becoming the first choice for baristas here in Sweden and we’re confident baristas worldwide will feel the same way.”

The success of Sproud may not only be due to its “creamy taste and texture”, but also because of its “planet friendly” emphasis, according to the company. Sproud’s milk has a year-long shelf life and is not refrigerated in transit, which reduces its carbon footprint by one third. It is also a viable option for anybody not willing to try the more widely popular vegan milks, due to taste preferences or health complications. Though oat milk has been steadily gaining mainstream popularity, it is important to remember that it simply isn’t suitable for everybody and Sproud is ready to be a go-to alt-milk.

“At Sproud, we are passionate about great taste and sustainability and we are ‘So Proud’ to be bringing Sproud to the United States and Canada… We are excited to deliver them a more sustainable and planet-friendly product than other dairy alternative milks,” said their Global Brand director, Maria Tegman.

Sproud will be sold in selected North American retailers and on Amazon.


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