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The Vegan Review Ultimate Guide: Is It Vegan?

Our ultimate guide to everything vegan!
We are helping to answer all the big vegan questions of our decade – Is it Vegan?

From food & drink to beauty, fashion, and people. We are investigating whether or not it is vegan!
Want us to investigate whether or not something is vegan?

is it vegan? the ultimate vegan guide to food and drink

Are Oreos vegan?

Spoiler alert: the answer is yes, and also no. Why? We cover those controversies in this article. Find out why many vegans eat Oreos..Read more here.

Which alcohol is ok to drink as a vegan?

Vegan-friendly alcohol brands? When it comes to alcohol, most people assume that every type is vegan. However, this isn’t always true. Read more here.

Is Flora vegan?

Flora, switched to 100% vegan products in 2019. The company that produces Flora, Upfield, hope to drive positive change by promoting plant-based lifestyles.. Find out more here.

Is mayonnaise vegan?

Luckily for Vegans, there are now many vegan mayonnaise alternatives! Hellmann’s has been one of the first companies to become vegan inclusive, with their introduction of vegan mayo to the US and UK. Unilever, Hellmann’s mother company says, “[it is] a vegan mayo with no compromise on taste. Allows all vegan consumers to have a great tasting, mayonnaise style condiment so that their dining experience is not limited.” Read more here.

Are bananas vegan?

Bananas have always been a quick and healthy go-to snack for those on a vegan diet. Enjoyed on their own, and in desserts, they are considered as one of the most versatile fruits. However, with scientific techniques emerging to help keep bananas ripe for longer, the possibility that bananas may contain ingredients derived from animals is a growing concern. Find out if bananas are really vegan here.

What are the best vitamins for vegans?

Many vitamins that you buy aren’t suitable for vegans, particularly those containing B vitamins, like Vitamin B-12. You can, however, find many vegan alternatives, just make sure you read the ingredients carefully. Discover more here.

Are vegan meats sustainable?

It’s easy to claim that vegan food is better for the environment but is it really? Vegan meat alternatives may not be as green as we think they are and could produce significant emissions, especially when scaled up for mass production. What’s more, they are often highly processed which could significantly impact our health long-term. So, should vegans be eating meat alternatives?

What is the best plant-based milk?

Bananas have always been a quick and healthy go-to snack for those on a vegan diet. Enjoyed on their own, and in desserts, they are considered as one of the most versatile fruits. However, with scientific techniques emerging to help keep bananas ripe for longer, the possibility that bananas may contain ingredients derived from animals is a growing concern. Find out if bananas are really vegan here.

Which chocolate is suitable for vegans?

Cocoa in its natural form is vegan. However, when made into chocolatey treats, other products such as milk are introduced into the production process. Nowadays, there are many vegan milk alternatives that help to create some tasty vegan chocolates. Popular alternatives may use rice or soy milk instead of cow’s milk. Discover our favourite vegan chocolates.

What are the best vegan cheese brands?

Cheese is made from milk and since we have vegan milk, we can have vegan cheese too! Vegan cheese is often made with coconut, soy, or cashews and there are plenty of plant-based cheese brands to choose from. Discover the best vegan cheese brands here.

What are the best fast food chains for vegans?

Whether you agree with companies like KFC and McDonald’s or not, the majority of the top fast food chains have now brought out vegan alternatives. We’ve researched some of the biggest names in fast food and compiled a thorough guide to what you can and can’t eat at each establishment in 2020.. Find vegan fast food here.

Are Dunkin’ Donuts vegan?

As of June 2019, Dunkin’ Donuts had added 20 vegan items on its menu nationwide. Vegans could eat bagels at Dunkin’ Donuts and other breakfast food items such as oatmeal, hash browns, and the English muffin. But as of yet, they haven’t brought out a vegan donut. That doesn’t mean they aren’t considering making vegan donuts though.

What are the top sources of protein for vegans?

Though switching to a vegan diet brings many benefits, it is known that it also known that unless you monitor your intake, like any diet it can lead to some nutrient deficiencies like a lack of vitamin B12, vitamin D and Iron. However, whether or not vegans should worry about protein is debated – some have claimed going vegan means you are limited in the amount of protein sources, but is this true? Find out more here!

Are Biscuits Vegan?

Many traditional food products appear to be accidentally plant-based, especially when we are talking about biscuits, spreads and sweets in general. Most of us know about Oreos, but did you know that Lotus Biscuits are also vegan?

Is palm oil vegan?

Although palm oil is a plant crop, with no animal origins, the method used to obtain it can be against vegan morals. Palm oil production causes immense ecosystem loss and has endangered thousands of animals. If veganism means committing to a cruelty-free lifestyle, should we stop consuming palm oil? Read more here.

Can vegans eat and drink at Starbucks?

There are few things to keep in mind when placing an order at Starbucks, but by using our up-to-date vegan Starbucks Guide here, you can get your foods and favourite coffee beverage cruelty-free.

is it vegan? the ultimate vegan guide to fashion

Where can I buy stylish vegan shoes?

The vegan shoe market is constantly growing: nowadays you can choose from a large variety of international vegan shoe brands offering different styles and materials, some with vegan leather and some using other vegan textiles. Check out these ethical and stylish vegan shoe brands.

is it vegan? the ultimate vegan guide to beauty and cosmetics

Why are popular shampoo brands not vegan?

Though regular shampoos claim to be healthy and provide benefits like moisture and shine to your hair, they also contain many harmful ingredients that aren’t vegan. What’s more, the majority of these products are tested on animals. Increasingly, there are more and more vegan shampoo alternatives which you can find here.

Is hair dye vegan?

Most beauty products and hair dyes are often tested on animals to make sure that the ingredients are not harmful to humans. This means that the majority of popular hair dyes are not considered vegan. Vegan hair dyes are increasingly available though.

Is botox vegan?

Vegans who wish to engage in cosmetics procedures have to consider that Botox is prepared by using an egg base. Also, the chemical is not cruelty-free as it has been tested on hundreds of thousands of mice. There are vegan alternatives to botox though which you can discover here.

Is Dove vegan?

Dove claim to be cruelty-free and have been anti-animal testing for many years. However, this is only the case in non-Chinese countries as Chinese law makes animal testing mandatory for any products sold over there. Dove continues to sell its products in China despite this. So whilst you may find cruelty-free products in Europe, they are still testing on animals elsewhere. So technically, Dove as a whole global entity is not vegan-friendly.

Are tattoos vegan?

Some tattoo inks contain ingredients that are derived from animals, such as glycerine obtained from animal fat. Although, there are vegan alternatives. Make sure you ask your tattoo artist or studio what ink they use. Check out our vegan tattoo guide for more information.

Which perfumes are vegan?

The answer to this question is not as easy as it may seem. The use of animal by-products in the fragrance field has existed for decades. Some of the most frequent animal ingredients include Civet Musk, Deer Musk, Ambergris and Castoreum Oil. However, there are perfume brands who are producing vegan-friendly perfumes using alternative ingredients. Read our vegan perfume guide.

Is lipstick vegan?

There is a long list of non-vegan ingredients that may be present in many lipstick formulas. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t companies out there making vegan alternatives. Check out our favourite vegan lipstick brands here.

is it vegan? the ultimate vegan guide to people and celebrities

Is Beyonce vegan?

It was widely advertised that Beyonce has taken on a vegan diet, but why? Beyonce’s plant-based diet was a conscious effort to include more plant-based food into her daily meals which has helped her to get comfortable with her body again and to reach her post-twins weight-loss goals. Although with most celebrities, it is debated whether or not she has kept on her vegan diet. Read more here.

Can vegan women succeed as bodybuilders?

However, vegan bodybuilders are on the rise and they are helping to prove that vegan protein is just as effective, if not more. In addition, vegan women are smashing two stereotypes by triumphing in a sport that is predominantly dictated by men. Read more about vegan female bodybuilders here.