Violife: The Best Vegan “Cheese” On The Market?

Based in Greece, Violife provides an award-winning 100% vegan “cheese”. They pride themselves on being free of dairy, preservatives, lactose, nuts, soya and gluten which makes them different from other alternatives. The brand also wins on convenience as consumers (in the U.K. at least) do not need to go hunting for vegan cheese – with the brand stocked in popular supermarkets like Tesco and Morrisons.

What Are the Different Types of Violife?

Described as the “pinnacle of non-dairy cheese”, Violife provides many alternatives for its consumers; cheese blocks, slices, grated cheese and spreads. With flavours ranging from mixed herbs, smoked, tomato and basil and for those who need a kick of spice, there is a hot pepper option. And for those wanting to experience the authentic Greek origins of the brand, there is a vegan Greek white cheese available.


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Does Violife Taste Like Cheese?

Among their many options, the vegan mozzarella has been a consumer favourite, with some describing it as the best topping for vegan cheese due to how well it spreads, crisps and tastes like mozzarella. The vegan parmesan has also received rave reviews – some say it is the “best imitation parmesan” due to its rich taste and slightly nutty flavour.

With such variety, Violife cheese is versatile and has options that suit different types of recipes. From sandwiches to pizzas, they provide a suitable alternative for consumers making a transition to veganism. large brands like Pizza Hut have noticed Violife’s popularity among consumers and have recently announced they will be using the brand as a cheese substitute for their vegan pizzas. Ciara Grace, Senior Menu Innovation Manager at Pizza Hut Restaurants said, “we’re really excited to launch the vegan stuffed crust as we’re confident it’s going to be a hit on both taste and texture.”


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What is Violife Vegan Cheese Made of?

Violife uses coconut oil as a base for their vegan cheese and health advocates say the most useful ingredient of a coconut is indeed the oil. It boosts good cholesterol, helps stop heart disease, boosts energy and aids with digestion. Despite having a coconut oil base, the cheese does not taste overwhelmingly like coconut. Some of the cheeses have actually been described as tasting like a mild cheddar. In fact, some reviewers say it tastes like an even better version of dairy-based cheese.

Other ingredients include water, modified starch, sea salt, ground sunflower kernels, and flavourings.

Does Violife Vegan Cheese Melt?

You betcha! You can melt Violife vegan cheese in toasties, on pizza, or even in mac and cheese!


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Is Violife Vegan Cheese Healthy?

Violife cheese is fortified with Vitamin B12 and is a great source for consuming those missing vitamins. Therefore, as well as tasting good, Violife provides some notable health benefits embedded in their products. You do not need to be a vegan to try out Violife – anyone looking for a healthy alternative to cheese or an extra source of vitamins can enjoy the company’s wide range of Violife products.

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